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Dec 11

Benefits Of Web Design & Digital Marketing

By Herman Watson | Benefits

The need for a professionally built website is a must. You need to know that is also highly beneficial and necessary.   If you have a business and you don’t have a website, you do not exist! In this era, people and companies are going to “Google you,” they will search for your website and information on the internet, not it the phone books. Design of your website is not something that you should take lightly.

No matter how big or small you are, you need a website.

The biggest problem today is that small business owners don’t take this seriously enough. The design and digital marketing that is connected to your business is something that can make you or break you.

“What are the benefits?  Why do I need it?”

Web-DesigningFirst of all, it’s because of the quick access! You are carrying the internet in your pocket. Every mobile phone today can take you anywhere on the planet, just with few clicks on the screen. It is a huge advantage when a customer can easily find your contact or address, or they can send you an email.  After that, “First Impression”, it’s like your storefront. That first impression is the most important one. The better the design, the better for you and your business. Fast-loading web pages are also the big stuff. These days, people have too little time, they need your info, and they need it fast. Search engines love unique content, and professional web design team will create one for you. They will create a search engine friendly website. It’s going to be easier for your customers to find you.

With web design comes digital marketing

DIgital-MarketingMarketing has always been about connecting you or your business with your audience or customers at the right time and place. Today, that place is internet and the time is now. You need to be fast; you need to feel them and to know how to get to them. The ability of internet marketing tools is that you can choose your audience based on their age, place of living, hobbies and all kind of stuff. Digital marketing allows you to see results in real time. You can measure the ROI of any aspect of your marketing efforts. You can’t do that with the daily newspaper. This kind of marketing allows you to enter the game with the “big ones,” unlike TV or print, you can truly personalize your marketing. For more information on Digital Marketing check out m2Marketing.

Dec 05

Best JQuery Websites

By Herman Watson | JQuery

JQuery is the most popular JavaScript library on the internet; It is a well-written JavaScript code with the library that simplifies HTML document traversing, animating and event handling. This code is a lot more easy to use than standard JavaScript. Also, it requires muss fewer lines of code, so basically a lightweight, write less – do more library. It has made web design faster, more accessible and easier.

Java-ScriptJQuery plugins can simplify the work of designers because they only have to customize some parts of the JQuery plugin and even the most amateur designers can learn how to use it, because it does not require advanced programming skills. JQuery is used to speed up the designing process and to make it much easier to use javascript on your website.A plug-in is a piece of code written in a standard JavaScript file. You can use them to add a specific feature to an existing program. When you have a plug-in for a program, it enables you the customization.

The best plug-ins for the JQuery:

-cbFlyout is used to create responsive off-screen navigation concept on your website.

-jInvertScroll is there to makes it easy to implement horizontal scrolling. It is very easy to set it up, and it requires no configuration of any kind.

-Mega-Site Navigation plug-in is and easy to customize navigation, used for mega-sites, it has subtle CSS animations and support for devices with javascript disabled.

-Tablet is for making tabs. This plug-in supports custom events, deep linking, rotation and more. It supports browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and so on.

-Lettering.js  provides granular control over individual characters, allowing you to color individual letters, apply kerning and more. It gives you desktop-style control over typography.

You can find various amounts of websites that are created with JQuery and its plug-ins. It is one of the best and easiest ways to make whatever you need.

On websites like,, and you can find many plug-ins that are great and easy to use. You only need to know what you want, and these plugins will help you with that.

Nov 28

Web Design And Digital Marketing Vision

By Herman Watson | Vision

Including all aspects of technical IT and development service starting from web design all to finishing with digital marketing our company will provide comprehensive and full service. Our specialist will transform all requires and visions to the responsive and friendly site. With an incredibly wide range of tools developing of websites, portals, applications and other presentation of your business will be done in the form of easy use and maintain. Your business will stand out with strong united branding and design. And no matter how simply hosting and maintaining will be, our engineers will provide their assistance and knowledge to train and support our clients.Vision

Targeting our client’s audience is mainly based on converting leads into sales. Ensuring best return on investment is our mission led through every possible action. We will make the best path in our customer’s journey from awareness to purchase. Inspiring action from joining your social network all the way to buying your product is one of our most important tools. And no matter how hard competition is today we will manage to get you above it.


App.netOften this network is called a passport to great applications. It allows you to send posts back and forth similar to text messaging or Twitter. It is an account that may be used to access a network of amazing social apps. It is a provider of infrastructure to build social applications. Although it is often compared to Twitter and in many aspects it is much alike; the difference is in some characters and maybe most important part is the open API for application developers. One of the reasons us supporting this application is supporting and embracing third-party developers like no one else before. No matter of great experience with other social platforms this one made all the work on the much higher level. Responding to any question via email, spreading the word for a client once it is life and offering help for the integration is just small part of many benefits. This all is why our company gladly connects with service; it is an important part of the process in making those high-level business presentations.